Dave Dec
 ...is the sole proprietor of LiveToSpeak. He has a unique set of coaching & training skills and a methodology he calls "Passion Mapping" that takes you beyond the simple tips & tricks of public speaking. Forget the next level, you will go beyond levels  ever imagined in your public speaking, presentaions, and all of your communications!
Public Speaking Coaching & Training
Is it your greatest fear? I can help. Through coaching, we'll not only uncover your fears, we will rediscover your strengths, you'll feel the fear, and do it anyway. 
OK, so you're not afraid but, you can always do better? Great! Let's work togther to identify your goals and how to get you there and beyond.
Dave has worked with authors to help expand their audience, sell more books, and appear on national TV.

Dave will show you how to calculate the Return on Investment (ROI) of public speaking and how you can show your clients, colleagues, and managers that you offer more than just the warm fuzzies.

He has worked with non-profits to increase their fundraising and recruit new volunteers, and worked with for-profits to increase revenue, save money, and solve problems.